Sunday, December 12, 2010

8 months

At 8 months, our Andrew has become quite a happy baby. We are sure glad to see that! He smiles a lot, plays by himself, has learned to take longer naps & sleep through the night, and more than anything he loves to eat! We thought we would post a few pictures that are evident of this.

Such a strong boy! He can't pull himself up to things yet, but if you stand him next to the couch or a toy he can stand there for a bit.

Look at those chubby cheeks! They practically hang down to his shoulders!

Front view of his big belly

Side view of his big belly

Friday, December 3, 2010

Playing with Andrew

Andrew is learning how to use his hands more and more each day. Among his favorite activities is that he has learned how to make 'toot-like' noises with his hands...should we be proud of that?!

Andrew's also gotten to the point where he can pretty much clap on command. We still have to show him sometimes, but once he starts, it's difficult to get him to stop.

Finally, I hope no one is sick of watching Andrew giggle. I know we can't get enough of it!!