Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall 2016

Fall means going to the farmer's market and picking out fun pumpkins and gourds
GRCES fundraiser! 
Sylvia's class

Andrew's turn to run (arms wide open to give his Mom a hug. LOVE!)
Andrew's class
Running up and down the driveway is always fun

And of course we need to head over to Robinette's.  Sylvia chose to jump the the big pillow while Andrew and Ryan did the corn maze.
Evelyn saying 'horsies!"  Her choice would have been the hayride

The rest of September

Evelyn has such concentration, such will, and wants more than anything to do what her siblings can do. A few examples:
(I love how she lays on her belly to draw)

Andrew lost his first tooth!  How did he lose it?  Rough-housing with his Mom :)
Ryan and I took the kids down to Art Prize on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We didn't really see much art but the kids had a blast.  Example #1:  running up and down a hill

Attempt at one posed picture
Example #2:  Evelyn dancing to a one man show
Example #3: the kids hula-hooping
A sure sign of fall...eating lots and lots of apples!