Tuesday, November 15, 2011

big news & more...

As you can see from the picture, our big news is that we are pregnant! In this picture I am 12 weeks along. Due date is May 17, 2012. I was shocked that my belly popped so early. When I was pregnant with Andrew I didn't start showing until week 18.

My 2 handsome guys

Andrew's 'cool' look

Andrew dressed up as an alligator for Halloween this year. He didn't quite understand the idea of 'trick or treat' yet, but he sure did have fun running up and down the streets in his costume.

Picking through all his goodies. He basically had fun just throwing all his candy on the floor.

Funny face :)

Andrew loves to play in the dishwasher. If I don't fully click it shut, he will get into it as in this picture