Tuesday, February 18, 2014

snow days

I'll admit, I don't take my kids out in the snow as much as I should. Getting two kids ready to play in the snow is no easy job. Most days we find indoor activities. But we have had SO much snow this winter (surpassing the 100 inch mark), we just had to go out and play. What a blast! So worth all the work :)

Making goodies and licking the batter...a good indoor activity
Heading out into the cold tundra.  At the top of Andrew's agenda?  Snow angels!
Love that smile!
And who can resist swinging in the snow?!  It was a bit difficult since their little legs were dragging in the snow.
Next, the slide.  Sylvia got stuck half way down.  Oh well...she had fun playing in the snow right there :)
Sibling love
Throwing snow in the air.  
Warming up back inside.  This little girl is just stunning.

Monday, February 17, 2014

catching up...again

Having no computer for a few weeks is just irritating on so many levels, one being that I have not had an opportunity to update our blog. Therefore I have lots to catch up on.

Ryan and I decided to break up the winter by heading up to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City for a weekend.  The kids had a great time.  They had many activities to do besides just the swim park, one of which was the arcade.  Pretending to drive was a big hit for Sylvia and Andrew.
I could not take this girl away from this game.  I had to pluck her tiny fingers off the steering wheel.
Driving a toy bus is serious business

Andrew was a little fearful when Sylvia took the wheel

The kids had their own little separate "Kamp" in the room.  They thought that was SO cool :)

Not the best picture of Sylvia in her bathing suit (she was unwilling to pose), but she looks so darn cute nonetheless.

Back to real life.  Sylvia in her Sunday best.

Always looking for new accessories

We've been trying to get Andrew to stop sucking his thumb.  This was the look he gave after I put some nasty stuff on his thumb.  But alas it was short lived and he sucked his thumb anyway.

Andrew making Valentines for his classmates

Sylvia using her Valentine stickers to decorate her face

And of course I need to mention Andrew's favorite day of the year:  the Auto Show.  Two words to describe this day?  Pure Joy!  In this picture Andrew is standing by one of his favorite cars, the Buick Regal

We also found a black Infiniti car, just like his favorite matchbox car

Sitting in the trunk of a Mini Cooper with my favorite little guy :)

And for some reason he was really drawn to the Nissan Leaf.  He may not realize why yet, but I know it's because I'm raising a good little Democrat :)