Sunday, September 25, 2016

3 kids

                       Dinner time is always a fun time with Evelyn. She loves food, can you tell?

Sylvia:  'Mom, I just love this book.'  Sylvia taught herself how to read.  She has opened up a whole new world and loves it!
Andrew has really been into mazes.  He spent about 20 minutes making this maze.  I'm just so impressed how his mind works.  Of course I get to finish all his masterpieces :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Enjoying the end of summer

         Even into September we have had beautiful weather. We tried to soak in every last bit!

We enjoyed a night at a White Caps game to support a dear friend who survived cancer.  The kids had a blast.  Evelyn in particular loved cotton candy.
I took the two older kids to Meijer Gardens.  What could this beauty be thinking about?
I finally made it into a picture with my kids :)
Evie loves corn on the cob!
Funny faces:

First day of school

This year I am sending TWO kids off to school. Andrew is in first grade but this will be his first time going to school all day, everyday. His teacher is Mrs Kingma. He was so excited to find out that he gets to study math every day!
Sylvia is going to pre-school.  She is so excited to finally get to go to school with her big brother.  She has Mrs. VandenBosch and will be going M-W-F mornings.

Silly girls

God has blessed me with two silly daughters. They are each unique and beautiful in their own way.

Here is Sylvia making a 'caterpillar house.'  She put sticks and leaves in the bark of one of our trees in hopes of attracting caterpillars.  She worked in this for quite a while.  I just love the way her mind works.
I would describe Evelyn as a toddler who loves to dance, clap, read books, jump, and make funny faces.  She can say many words and even put together a few small sentences.  She wants so badly to keep up with her two older siblings.

Sylvia bringing her snack outside.  Of course you also need your sunglasses, bib, fire truck, and a book :)

End of August fun

                This cutie finally has enough hair that I can make a small sprout. I just love her!

Andrew and Sylvia playing camouflage at the GR Public Museum

Evie going down the slide herself.  She is proud!
Spending time with friends at Dutch Village
So proud of Sylvia going on the swings not once but twice!
This girl loves animals :)
In the goat pen