Friday, July 22, 2016

Hoffmaster Park

Our favorite beach to visit is Hoffmaster. Beautiful water + dunes = 100% fun.

Cousins part two

What is July 4 without the Hollyhock Parade? Our time is made that much more special by having     Dayana join us!
Back at home, it's time to compare and trade candy!
Sylvia (the sweet tooth of the family) had no problem digging into her candy even if it was first thing in the morning
Evelyn loves to climb the stairs (which scares me a bit) and is also learning how to come down.  Everyday she is saying something new and voicing her opinions.  Her favorite word is 'no' but at the same time she loves to gives kisses and hugs.  She keeps us on our toes :)
Hot days require having fun in the water, even if it comes from the hose!
More cousins love.  Andrew connects with his cousin Isaac like no one else.  Those two have a blast together and it is always hard to see the Byle family go.

Fun in downtown GR

It's July which means all the Texas cousins come for a visit. We started our time in downtown Grand Rapids. Playing by Gerald R. Ford Museum brings back memories from my childhood. It really warms my heart to bring my kids there and watch them have fun with their cousins.