Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Can you feel the love?

Sylvia at 2 months

Hard to believe that our sweet Sylvia is 2 months old already. She is finally starting to fill out a bit, but we won't know her official 2 month stats until August. She continues to be quite smiley, and now she is cooing and engaging the world around her more. We are having fun watching her learn and explore.

Friday, July 6, 2012

fun in Holland

Ryan and I had been encouraged to bring Andrew to downtown Holland some Thursday evening because they have street performers. So we picked the hottest day so far (101 degrees), dropped Sylvia off at Ryan's parents, and headed out for an evening of fun. The street performers consisted of musicians, singers, dancers, mimes, etc. Truthfully, Andrew was a little young to understand it all but apparently we saved the best for last. There are fountains at the end of main street which was a big hit as you will see from the pictures. All in all we had a great 'date' with our son and I think he enjoyed getting all the attention from his parents again, like the good old days :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July as a family. Ryan and I said at the end of the day how much fun we had with our little family. We started out by attending our neighborhood parade, the Hollyhock Lane Parade. We had a lot of fun watching Andrew enjoy it. The past two years he has been too young to really like or understand parades. But this year was different. Since he loves cars, trucks, bikes, and candy, he was in heaven. Later that day we went to a friend's pool which was a great choice since it got up to 99 degrees! We've had a HOT summer so far.

 My sweet boy! Playing outside with minimal to no clothing on has been the name of the game for Andrew these past few weeks.
Ryan, Andrew and Sylvia waiting for the parade to begin
Sylvia is all smiles these days, especially when she is sporting her favorite political gear :)
Andrew is all excited to see the start of the parade...a police car!