Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas is coming

Christmas activities galore!

I get to spend time with just this beauty three mornings a week while Andrew is at school.  We try to sit at the table for a snack these days so we can just talk and laugh.
Going to Breton Village to check out their train display has become a favorite Christmas tradition.  The kids especially liked to see Thomas the Train.
Sylvia trying on my glasses.
We went with Grandma Huizinga to the Ford Museum to look at the Christmas trees and quilts
Andrew's design he made with his beloved cars
Sylvia wanted to build a 'car party.'
Grandpa Huizinga took us to Frederik Meijer Gardens to see the trains and Christmas trees.  It was a hit!

Andrew was very proud of the snowflake ornament he made at school.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

snow and winter activities

The temperature is getting colder, snow is falling, so now comes the tedious task of finding indoor activities that keep the kids entertained.

My dining room table has become a race track. 

A few weeks back we had a massive amount of snow fall in a short period of time.  This picture makes me laugh because you can actually see how heavy the snow was falling.

Sylvia loves to be buried in snow, leaves, blankets...

In Santa's sleigh at Hart Tree Farm
Sylvia loves all things comfy and cozy.  Here she is snuggling with her pile of pj's at the bottom of the changing table :)