Tuesday, August 4, 2015

more summer fun

       This is usually the result after a summer walk
This girl is still silly
Playing dress-up with Dayana
At John Ball Zoo

Dayana was such a big helper!
At Great Aunt Sandy's cottage on Lake Michigan.  
Hollyhock Parade 2015!
Evelyn loved all the attention she received from cousin Dayana
The weather gets hot and it's time to turn on the sprinkler

These two love each other, can you tell?

Evelyn is getting so big and bright-eyed
Cousin Daniel and Evelyn also took a liking to each other.  Daniel could get her to laugh like no other!
5 months old and lots of smiles!

They both found bugs in the backyard.  Andrew has a cicada and Sylvia has a caterpillar.

Traverse City vacation with friends

The end of June we went to Traverse City with friends and stayed in cottage all together. We had such a great time! I think we are all hoping we can do this again next year.

A picture of the whole group

Kayaking on the Crystal River

Ryan took on a giant dune...the kids and I just watched and cheered him on :)

Enjoying hexabits first thing in the morning
Nothing like taking an 8:00 am dip in the lake

Sweet treats for these sweet kids
Evelyn enjoying the hammock with her Dad
Happy Father's Day!
My boys
Yes, they all finished!