Thursday, March 19, 2015

crazy days

Having three kids is crazy! Someone is always needing something, crying, being disciplined, eating, making a mess, going to the bathroom, etc. Life is a bit overwhelming. On top of that, Evelyn is a rather fussy baby. She consumes a lot of my time and energy so there is definitely some 'Mom guilt' that the other two kids don't get nearly as much of my attention. I'm hoping this is just a phase and soon life will settle down a bit.

I took this picture before Evelyn was born:  the kids sorting through baby toys.  It kept them busy for quite some time.  So funny!
Another one of Andrew's designs with his hexabits.  He is quite amazing!
More designs with his Magformers
This girl loves puzzles!
Sleeping beauty
For some reason Evelyn loves the changing table.
I caught Sylvia reading the dictionary.  Maybe this is why her vocabulary continues to amaze me :)
More puzzles and big smiles
Grandma Huizinga has done it again:  another amazing quilt!  How she spoils us.  She made this quilt for Sylvia's big girl bed. 

Andrew just loves his new sister.  He always wants to hold her and he is always willing to help when she cries.
My serious little baby.  Like I said before she is a 'tough nut.'  We have started to get some smiles and cooing so that makes all the tough days and nights worth while.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Evelyn's pictures

Here are just a few samples of Evelyn's newborn pictures. Yes, she looks SO sweet! But we are finding that she is a tough nut to crack :)