Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween and Texas

Halloween was rather horrible this year. It was cold, rainy, windy, snowy. I had to practically push my son out the door. After collecting five pieces of candy he was done. Oh well. Luckily the next day we flew to Texas where the weather was a lot warmer and my nieces and nephews collected TONS of candy.

Halloween afternoon and it started to snow.  The kids where so excited about the first snow of the season.
Thing 1
Another Thing 1
Grandma Huizinga braved the elements and went trick or treating with us
Now on to Texas:  Auntie Sara's piano was quite popular
playing dress-up
Andrew and Isaac had so much fun together!  I think these two will always be good friends.
Nothing says fun like sitting in a giant inflatable State Farm chair.  Everything's bigger in Texas :)
Silly monkeys
These two chased each other through the whole zoo.  I'm not sure they stopped to see a single animal.
Sylvia trying to climb the fence to get to the llamas
Playing matchbox cars together...hours of fun