Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and more

This was Andrew's first Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend with my family which included my parents and my brother, Matthew. Poor guy didn't get to enjoy any of our Thanksgiving feast, but he did heartily eat his cereal and bananas.

Andrew is enjoying books more and more. He's pretty good at turning the pages himself on the cardboard books. He has also been learning to clap his hands. Fun!

Spending time on his belly is actually something he is enjoying more. Tummy time used to be quite an ordeal...he'd scream and instantly be in a bad mood. Glad that's over. Even though he is spending more time on his stomach, we don't see much evidence of him crawling anytime soon. But who knows? That could change quicker than we think :)

Here is my preppy little guy...along with quite a bit of slobber.

I will feed him just in his diaper sometimes because of the huge mess he makes (it's just easier!). Obviously this picture is pre-dinner because he's so clean. I thought the pose was funny so I had to share it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thumb sucking and talking

By now, many of you know Andrew sucks his thumb as a soothing technique. What's odd is that he has extended this to eating solid foods. For some reason, we cannot get even one spoonful into his mouth without him putting his thumb in immediately after!

And this next part absolutely melts our hearts. Andrew has started "talking" to us. He responds to squawks and squeaks and anything that's part of his vocabulary. We absolutely love listening to what he has to say!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Texas and tigers

So Andrew, my Dad, and I went to Texas last week to visit my sisters and their families. We had a great time. Andrew did amazingly well on the plane but didn't do so well when it came to sleeping at night. I guess I can't blame him for being in a new place and all, but it sure did tire me out!

In this picture Andrew is playing with his cousins, Dayana & Daniel.

One main reason we had to go to Texas was to visit my new nephew, Isaac. Isaac is about 4 months and Andrew is almost 7 months.

Andrew's first Halloween! As you can see we dressed him up as a tiger. He didn't get to celebrate too long in his costume seeing as he usually goes to bed around 6:30. We did not take him door to door because Ryan and I would have eaten all the candy (not good!). But we did let him hand out a few pieces of candy to the kids who came to our door. He seemed to be content with that and so were we :)