Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweet kiddos

                        Once again, this girl is trying her best to revert back to being a baby
Evelyn is learning to like her Bumbo seat

Playing hide-and-seek with Sylvia.  Where could she be?
Relaxing on the couch
Today was Andrew's last day of preschool.  He loved his teacher so much and kept on saying how much he was going to miss her.  So we decided to hang his locker picture on his bedroom wall along with this note that he came up with: "I miss school and Mrs VandenBosch but this picture will make me remember."  He is just such a sweet boy.
Rainy, hot, humid and this girl decides to ride her bike in her diaper, crocs and mittens.  She makes me laugh everyday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sylvia is 3!

Our dear Sylvia turned 3 on May 15. So hard to believe! She continues to be our easy to smile and laugh little girl. She is also a Daddy's girl, stubborn, and loves to pretend to be a dog (specifically, Porter--my sister's dog). Our lives would be so empty without her.

Sylvia has been anticipating her Angry Birds cake for a long time.  So happy that the day finally arrived

Sylvia opening her gifts with a little help
Modeling the dress that Grandma made for her

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our life

Each day is different in our crazy house. Thank goodness! Keeps life exciting :)

Just chillin'
All three kids having fun together!
Getting his hand painted at a fundraiser
Sylvia had her face painted
Andrew made two pictures for Evelyn.  He wanted to make sure she could see and enjoy them
My son is a bit obsessed with designs.  He's even using our floss to make designs.  Silly kid!
Another beauty
Evelyn was a bit fussy, so the other two kids took that as a sign to bring her every baby toy they could get their hands on
This girl is just crazy!