Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 2016

June so far:

Andrew loves his atomic clock!  One thing he loves about this clock is that he can watch the temperature change.  He likes to set it in the sun, in the shade, on the heat/air conditioning, and here he is setting it in front of the dryer vent.  Exciting!
Enjoying a root beer on the deck (someone has a 'hard' root beer and someone does not ;)
Andrew wanted a selfie with Mom.  How can I say no?
Andrew and Sylvia playing farm.  Sylvia is feeding the chickens (with sand) and Andrew is fixing the fence.
Side note:  Sylvia came in the house a few minutes later crunching on sand.  She said she wanted to taste the chicken food.  Crazy girl!

Washing the van is always a fun activity on a hot day

Filling our massive pool
Safety first!  Even in two inches of water :)
Evelyn found an ant on our floor.  This was quite entertaining for her (and us).  The best part is that she says 'woof' when she sees one. 

My chunky monkey silly girl