Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo at the zoo (and more)

John Ball Park Zoo has a few days in October where they decorate the zoo for Halloween, have games, candy, etc. We decided to head there with a few friends on a 'mild' day.

Sylvie happily showed off her xylophone skills while Andrew kept his distance
checking out the bears
taking a break along the trail
Saturday was a beautiful day!  In addition, about the half the leaves have fallen from the trees so we could make a pretty awesome leaf pile.  This provided loads of fun for the kids....because they don't have to rake...yet :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Foot Frolic Frenzy

Andrew had a fundraiser at his school where all the kids had to run laps for money. The event was so cute because instead of running laps around the track, the preschoolers had to run laps around the tennis court. What fun to watch all those little kids go!

The frolicking little monkeys (in their matching monkey pj's) were jumping on the, well, couch :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

keeping busy

This girl loves Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie (though she calls him La-la-la-la Queen). So imagine her joy when Aunt Traci was giving away this costume:
A good place to head on a cold, dreary day is the EGR library.  They always have fun toys set up in the kids this light table:
...and ipads.
Sylvia loves these kind of toys
A peg table:
Can you just see how his mind is working?
Andrew's accomplishment at the magnet wall:
Later, at the Lego wall:
Playing with puppets
This past weekend we went to a place called Koetsier's that has an indoor Fall play area for kids.  I took the kids there last year and they loved it.  This year Ryan was able to join us.  Here, Sylvia is inside a giant blow-up pumpkin filled with flying balloons

Andrew painting a  pumpkin
Sylvia too
Andrew spent a long time on this tractor
Sylvia excavating in the kernel pit
On Monday I got to accompany Andrew on his first field trip.  We went to Post Family Farm out in Hudsonville.  Here is Andrew and his class on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch

Running through a maze.  I think Andrew could have done this all day!
Going down a tube slide
Then on to the spool slide
Later the kids to to be involved in and read a story about how pumpkins grow.  The whole trip was just so much fun!