Saturday, March 29, 2014

will spring ever come?

Even though it is officially spring, Michigan is taking its sweet old time getting the hint. We continue to do our best to find fun indoor activities though the kids are begging to go outside.

Running around Meijer and looking at the toys & fish is always fun (or at least a way to break up the day), and Sylvia loves to ride Sandy.
The kids will often play with strollers or push toys in the driveway for a bit.  Fresh air is always good :)
Getting ready for a walk on a cold but sunny day
Meijer Gardens has butterflies on display so we always need to check that out.  Andrew is really into posing these days.  Silly, cool, goofy, whatever :)

Checking out the indoor gallery was such a fun place to hear your echo
Another day we headed over to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline play place.  The kids had fun, but an hour was definitely enough!

The foam pit:

Monday, March 10, 2014


And the winter drags on. We keep trying to find things to do to keep everyone happy and occupied...not an easy task!

Playing together in the crib is always fun
Poor Andrew was sick with a terrible cold and later got strep throat.  It was a rough 2 weeks.  Thanks goodness for toys and games like his gears toy...right up his alley :)
Making strawberry pancakes just like Daniel Tiger
This weekend we took the kids to an indoor play place called "Catch Air."  What a blast!  Can you tell?
Dance party complete with bubbles and all
Sylvia dancing on a floor that lights up!
Going down slides together.  I just love that they play together so well (most of the time).
Riding a miniature carousel 
Andrew requested a picture with his Dada and I gladly agreed.
This is what happens when a certain girl refuses to take a nap...totally collapsed before dinner.