Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May so far

May 2016:

 This girl has been so much happier (and so have we) now that she is walking!  Also, her latest well check up shows that she is 96% for height and weight.  That means she is the size of an average 2 year old.  Her pediatrician says that is what she calls a thriving baby.  Good news!  She also can say a few words:  Mama, Dada, Andrew (An-doo!), hop, up, boo, grandpa (papa), grandma (mmm-ma), and uh-oh.  We are just enjoying her so much :)
Sylvia picking rhubarb in Grandma Huizinga's yard
Sylvia getting her face painted at a friends fund-raiser
Can you guess whose house we are at?
Evelyn has no problem telling me when she wants yogurt
Dress-up is a favorite activity in this house.  Here Sylvia is a 'wolf ballerina.'
No explanation needed ;)
Why is she laughing?  Because this is what the floor looks like after every meal and she knows I detest cleaning it up!
Sylvia is 4!  May 15 was the big day.  Grandma Huizinga gave her a new dress and Andrew just had to be in the picture too.

All three of my children riding bikes.  I just love this picture!

The girls had a tea party today in the backyard.  Of course that means water and animal crackers :)