Saturday, November 12, 2016


                The theme of fall in Michigan is usually leaves, pumpkins, cider and Halloween.

I raked a very small pile of leaves for the girls and they had a ton of fun.

Later we played with chalk.  This is the outline of my body that Sylvia drew.  Please tell me I don't really look like that ;)
My Mom, Sylvia, Evelyn and I headed back to Robinette's on a weekday morning.  We had the place to ourselves which was fun.  We played on their playground and enjoyed donuts, cookies, and cider.

The kids, up to this point, had been resistant in helping to clean out and carve the Halloween pumpkin.  There was a bit of bribery involved but we finally convinced Andrew and Sylvia to touch the pumpkin 'guts.'

Andrew getting ready...
Success!  He pulled out a seed!
Grandma and Grandpa Huizinga joined in the Halloween fun.  The weather finally cooperated!  Andrew is a pumpkin.  Sylvia is a princess (she was so excited to wear a bit of make-up).
And Evelyn is the infamous alligator
A more recent picture of how many leaves fall around here.  We had the great idea of making a path through the leaves in our driveway. 
And lastly, Andrew lost his other front tooth today.  I think he looks so cute!

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